Anthias STAT for Grandstream

 Anthias STAT is a billing / Statistics software allowing to analyze and account telecom traffic in your office. Anthias STAT extends functionality of PBX with functions like: traffic management, billing management, statistics on calls. All informations are based on CDR data collected from Grandstream UCM PBX.

 Anthias STAT allows you to integrate existing customers database to display information about them in all statistics and reports.

 Administrative tools allows to define users with different user rights and access to different extensions or group of extensions depending on their role in a company.

Billing system

 System allows to manage billing information on PBX traffic. Data are collected automaticly from PBX so you have all your data with the delay of maximum 1-2 minutes after making call. Call rates tools allow to define different calls depending on call destination. Reporting tools allow to analyze cost of calls, prepare PDF files with reports on whole company or single extensions, export billing information for futher analysis in other systems.

 Anthias STAT can be used in hotels to bill calls of rooms. It’s possible to create PDF with detailed list of the calls, at the moment customer leave a room.

Calls statistics

 Anthias STAT allows to analyze call traffic in PBX. It suports both incoming and outgoing calls, presenting all information about a call like caller id, called id, date/time of call, call duration, answering time. Reports on missed calls allow to react quickly on lost contact from your potencial customers. Analysis tools can help you verify performance of your team, search for peak hours, react on growing telecom traffic.

System configuration

Billing rates

  • Billing method (per second / per minute)
  • Defining costs per prefix
  • Possibility to recalculate costs for specified time priod
  • Import rates from text files


 Anthias STAT allows to create many kind of reports by offering tools to manipulate OLAP cube of calls data.It’s possible to build reports with your own criteria. Reports can be exported to text files or PDF documents.

Reports are availiable for both billing and call statistics data.

OLAP reports

Build your own report based on many criteria

  • Drag & drop functionality
  • Export to many file formats

Lost contacts reporting

Don’t loose contacts from clients: Easy acces to report on lost contacts

  • List of all calls not picked up by employee, that was not called back or client was not calling again once more and call was answered
  • Call history for specified client

Anthias STAT functionality

  • importing CDR data from PBX (automated scheduled task based running in short period time)
  • data availiable for analysis after maximum 2 minutes from call end.
  • list of all calls (outgoing/incoming, answered/missed)
  • realtime billing
  • calls costs rates configuration(local, international)
  • Batch update for easy bulk rates updation
  • reports on calls based on different criteria (call direction, duration of call, direction)
  • billing information for hotels on check-out (detailed list of calls with bill data)
  • hourly distribution of calls (investigating peak hours) splited by answered / missed calls
  • PDF with detailed list of calls and billing data
  • OLAP reports for calls analysis
  • reports on calls based on different criteria (call direction, infoline, agent, duration of call, direction)
  • hourly distribution of calls (investigating peak hours) splited by answered / missed calls
  • export to CSV, JPG, PDF depending on report type
  • report on missed contacts with clients
  • system configuration (users, lines, user rights)
  • customers database
  • client - server architecture

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