Billing module offers both call statistics (similar to Telephony module) but in offline version (so call info is availiable after end of a call) and billing functionality (call costs, call limits).

It's possible to list lost contacts (client calling to us where last incoming call was missed). Clients will automaticaly dissapear from this list if next incoming call from client was answered or we will call back to client and he will answer.


List of calls shows all details of calls 


It's possible to define biling rates for specified calls, based on differnt time criteria (per second, per minute or per defined timeframe). 



Program can prepare for example reports on single extension usage (commonly used in hotels on quest checkout)


It's also possible to define maximum monthly costs and automatic blocking of outgoing calls (only for Grandstream UCM) when limit is exceeded.


Reporting module is similar to Telephony OLAP reports (both text of charts)



List of all lost contacts for different time periods:


Reports on calls on hourly basis splitted by queues:


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