Clients database can store information on all your customers.

It's separated on companies and persons, person can be an individual person or employee.


Depending on ctive modules it's possible to store different informations:

  • in standard modules you have basic address information on client and his contacts history.
  • when CRM module is enabled there are additional data availiable:
    • profile data (custom created fields describing client)
    • attaching files to clients
    • extended activity on clients (customer service isses, sales activity)


Customer card Company card contains all information on a client separated in tabs. Main screen shows all contact information (address, employees, last activities on clients)


  Profile tab allow contains additional information on client (profiles previosuly defined by administrator). Information can be text, number, date or dropdown list. In selections you can filter clients based on profile data.



Customer service tab contain information on all issed linked to this client with brief data on type, name and current status of each issue.



 Similar card for person:client04


Selections on clients are availiable in two versions:

  • simple with basic filters on name, city and client type
  • advanced with detailed filter on type, address and profile data





Client module contains Tasks functionality. It allow to add task, assignt to specified user and track progress on working with task.


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